Frozen screen? 3 Cheap and Easy Formulas for Homemade Windshield #De-Icer

frozen copy

Cover it.  This no-brainer works the best.  By keeping your windshield protected from the elements, you can effectively prevent ice build-up, frost, or snow from ever touching the glass.

Prevent it.  I prefer not having to mess with tarps and straps, so I’m especially tempted by the commercial ice-prevention formulas offered on the market.  They seem so easy to use: just spray before you go to bed each night, and wake up to a frost-free windshield.

Remove it.  If you find yourself in the impossible situation of having to scrape very thick ice or snow from you windshield, don’t fret!  The right scraper can do wonders, but a nice homemade prevention de-icing solution can help:

Fill the bottle with three parts vinegar and one part water and go spritz the car before bed.

Oh, the spritz didn’t work? Ok, um, then try these two recipes:

  • “Mix one part water to two parts rubbing alcohol. Apply to the window and watch it peel right off!”
  • “Use a bottle of 70% isopropyl alcohol (50% works, too, but not as well) with a few drops of dish soap. Apply liberally to the glass with a spray bottle. (Readers also recommend adding alcohol to the washer fluid container, with a 50/50 mix, to keep wiper lines from freezing up in the winter.)”


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