5 Things did you Know About the 2016 #Audi TT?

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1. There Are No Common Parts

To date, Audi has built a half-million TTs over two generations. While the new third-generation model may look quite similar to its predecessor, there are no shared parts between the second-gen TT and the new model.

2. The Headlights Are Inspired By the R18 e-tron Quattro

They may not be lasers like the R18’s, but the signature elements are taken from the Le Mans racer. They’ll likely appear on the next-gen R8, too. The sequential turn signals that Audi refers to as “swiping” are new to the TT, but debuted on the refreshed R8 a year ago.

4. The TT RS Is Coming

There’s no official word yet, but we received a lot of winks and a confirmation that the five-cylinder would fit in the new TT’s engine bay. So why did Audi have a 420-hp turbo four on its show stand in Geneva? To keep its engineers on their toes. The five-cylinder TT RS should make close to 400 horsepower.

8. The TT and TTS Have Identical Top Speeds

The TTS is governed at 155 mph, the exact same top speed as the standard version. We’re told that without the limiter, though, the TTS could hit 167.


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