What you need to know about Electric Cars

Photo by Ludovic Hirlimann; http://www.flickr.com/photos/lhirlimann/6511042715/

Photo by Ludovic Hirlimann

Electric cars are growing in popularity, with 50,000 being sold in 2013, over double the 22,000 sold in 2012, yet this still only accounts for a fraction of the sales of new cars, with petrol and diesel cars still taking up the majority of sales.

The biggest concern with electric cars is the expense. They’re much too expensive for most people, however it is predicted by Audi that by 2030 around 40% of cars will be electric. Their are various types of electric car, some fully electric, and some hybrids that use a combination of petrol and electric to try and improve economy and lower emissions.

Electric cars tend to be considered as inefficient and slow, however this couldn’t be further from the truth – electric cars have broke into the luxury car market, and there has even been a sports car released that is powered by electric. They can run at the same speeds as a traditional car and the hybrids in particular can be just as efficient. However, despite the claims, in reality, electric cars can run around 60-100 miles, and this is based on someone driving carefully and without using air-con, heating, lights, windscreen wipers, etc. The use of all of these is not normally something you have to consider in a standard car. A lot more thought is required before turning any of these on in an electric car. They can also take a long time to charge, normally between 6-8 hours, but they do however do most of their charging in the first hour, so the waiting time could be reduced if having it fully charged isn’t necessary!

Due to the life of the car being largely reliant on the battery, it’s the condition of the batteries that ultimately determine the re-sale value of the car, making it uncertain what the re-sale value will be. This in itself appears to put a lot of people off from purchasing an electric vehicle, as the value of the car could depreciate quite extensively. This has led many people to say that leasing is the best option with electric cars as it eliminates the worries about the re-sale value, so most people are now considering the option of leasing!

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